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Hope Missionary Baptist Mission

December 11, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Several weeks ago due to personal matters which were requiring much of Brother Damon Carlock’s time and attention, it became apparent to Mt Lebanon Church that monthly trips to Florida were working a great personal hardship on him. After a committee met with and discussed with Brother Damon the difficulties he was enduring, the church voted in business conference to temporarily suspend the mission work authorized by Mt Lebanon in the Panama City Beach area until Brother Damon has these personal matters settled and can devote full attention to resuming the mission work there. His last trip to the area was in September 2016.

We apologize that a letter informing you of this church action was not sent sooner. It was an oversight on our part. Any monetary contributions being made to the Hope Missionary Baptist Mission are being accumulated in a mission fund designated to assist with resumption of the Panama City Beach area mission work when circumstances permit.

Your continued prayers for Brother Damon and this mission work are greatly appreciated.
Approved in business conference December 11, 2016.

Elder Mitchell Glasscock, Moderator

Brother Randall Henson, Clerk

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